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Dunes Academy is a proud possessor of a well-equipped computer lab which is highly appropriate for all the students. There are almost more than 40 efficient computers which are used sufficiently by both the students and staff members. The students of class U.K.G. are introduced to computer lessons by well-experienced full-time computer teachers and the computer education continues till the 8th grade when it forms a part of the weekly timetable.


The lessons which are taught in the classroom are well combined with the latest technology and information, using our diversified variety of software. This facilitates us to create several websites, blogs, reports and other documents. Microsoft Office programming is the fundamental base of any kind of computer knowledge and hence it is taught in the foremost period, stressing on its needs for high school and further levels.


There is also the availability of a typing program which enhances the typing skills of the students and also helps them work efficiently. There are various technologies which are unified together to emphasize the need for mathematics and other subjects.

Currently, Dunes Academy has accomplished the Com4Kids computer education program with significant features which is highly important for students. With the advent of technology, Com4Kids allows learners to be well-versed with an international internet driver’s license which will be very useful to them when they reach high school. This system will guide the children and enrich them in digital skills which will be advantageous in their career.


The Computer Lab of Dunes Academy is situated on the Ground Floor of the Library, just a bit away from the main office of the institute. The well-furnished lab is accessible from 8 AM to 11 AM with the ID card facility on the main door. The computers are installed with the latest technology of Windows 8 and other software applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite, Word Perfect, Firefox, Java, Flash Player, Symantec Anti-Virus, Quick Time, Macromedia 8 etc.


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