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In order to make the students of Dunes Academy an all-rounder in every field, we emphasize on both academic and extra-curricular activities. An integrated development of the child’s personality can succeed only when sports and games are included along with the education process. Hence at Dunes Academy, it is compulsory for every student to participate in various kinds of outdoor and indoor activities.

With the help of comprehensive sports and games exercises, the children can gain valuable principles of teamwork, self-worth, work commitment, group coordination and self-discipline. The sports activities also benefit the students in developing sound health, both mentally and physically.

Dunes Academy enjoys a superior prominence on the international sports facilities and the talented skills and features of the coaches. A sprawling covered ground, usually for indoor activities, is the main attraction of Dunes Academy. There is also the availability of a vibrant green ground which also caters to the needs of the toddlers as a playing ground. Another feature of this institute is that this is the only school in the vicinity which has acquired the entire sports area, enlightened with floodlights. There is also another playground exclusively devised for the children of the pre-primary section.

The essential games, like badminton and tennis, are played extensively by the students. There are also several indoor games, like chess, which are delighted by the students. The Yoga classes are highly helpful for students to obtain higher levels of concentration and peace of mind.


There are also hikes, camps, field trips and study tours, which are organized for children to be able to explore and learn from real life experiences and which they can implement in their studies later on.

Since the Institute has encouraged the progression of co-curricular activities among the students, that has now lead to the commencement of a unique sports program, called, Leap Start. The program is thoroughly devised for the children and the activities of the program are custom-made for the students and hence inspires them to acknowledge sports and fitness. Along with educational resourcefulness, these activities are helpful in improving the motor, cognitive and social skills of the children.

We at Dunes Academy believe in, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

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